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Elegant pearl bracelet with large Swarovski pearls and a sparkling lobster clasp.

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Fashionable 3-row pearl bracelet with 6mm Swarovski pearls and a Rhodum plated gold & silver coloured clasp. 

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Stunning three-row pearl bracelet with a 3x2.5cm crystal encrusted clasp. 

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Beautiful pearl bracelet with gold plated lock. 

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Exquisite 3-row bracelet with a magnificent clasp adorned with sparkling Swarovski crystals.

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Stunning 2-row pearl bracelet with 8mm Swarovski pearls and a beautiful sparkling clasp with Swarovski crystals.

1 788 kr

Beautiful 3-row bracelet with an exquisite crystal sprinkled clasp with lots of bling. The delightful 6mm Swarovski pearls has a classic lustre. The stunning clasp features four larger Swarovski...

1 438 kr

Stunning romantic 3-row pearl bracelet with an exquisite floral clasp. The beautiful pearls comes from Swarovski and are 6mm in diameter. The clasp features a sparkling crystal in the centre of the...

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Stunning 3 row pearl bracelet with a sparkling butterfly clasp. The pearls comes from Swarovski and is 6mm in diameter. The exquisite lock is Rhodium plated (nickel free) and is sprinkled with...

1 558 kr

Luxurious 3-row bracelet with Swarovski pearls. The bracelet features a stunning lock with a large Swarovski crystal (18x13mm) in the centre surrounded by smaller crystals.

898 kr

Stunning pearl necklace with pearls from Swarovski. The necklace features a unique heart shaped lock in the front with fitted sparkling Swarovski crystals.

1 468 kr

Exclusive pearl bracelet with pearls from Swarovski. The bracelet features a stunning Swarovski crystal clasp that makes this bracelet really special. 

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